Update 3.2.1 (Dec 07 2023)

Cyberpunk 2077 Build planner

  • Perks are updated to be consistent with the 2.1 version of the game.

Starfield Build planner

  • Some UI updates to make dealing with skills more convenient.
  • Other minor UI updates.

Update 3.2.0 (Oct 14 2023)

Cyberpunk 2077 Build planner

  • Rebuild from scratch.
  • Attributes.
  • Perks.
  • Skills.
  • Leveling calculation.

Update 3.1.0 (Sep 14 2023)

NEW: Starfield Curated Character Builds

  • Several builds for you to try out.

NEW: Starfield Database

  • Skills.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Traits.
  • Powers.
  • more to come...

Update 3.0.2 (Sep 01 2023)

Starfield Build planner

  • Added all skill challenges.
  • Fixed some minor problems with the data.
  • UI refinements.

Update 3.0.1 (Aug 30 2023)

Starfield Build planner

  • Added all flavor text for skills.
  • Discord links.
  • Sharing shortcuts.
  • Bugfixes.

Update 3.0.0 (Aug 28 2023)

NEW: Starfield Build planner

  • Skills
  • Backgrounds
  • Traits
  • Level requirements calculation
  • Skill tier requirements calculation

Update 2.9.1 (Aug 22 2023)

Fallout 76 Build planner

  • two new perk cards added: "Arms Keeper" and "Stable Tools"
  • adjustments to the level requirements for some perk cards

Diablo 4 Build Planner removed


There are many reasons for this, but the important part is that plenty of specialized Diablo/Blizzard websites have their build planners and do a great job updating and developing them further. So I'll focus on the games I'm most passionate about.

Update 2.9.0 (Jun 03 2023)

NEW: Diablo 4 Build Planner

Update 2.8.1 (Feb 02 2023)

Fallout 4 Build planner

  • added perks from DLC magazines

Update 2.8.0 (Jan 20 2023)

Fallout 4 Build planner

  • companion perks
  • magazines
  • bobbleheades
  • quest perks

Update 2.7.0 (Jan 14 2023)

  • Curated builds for TES 5: Skyrim

Update 2.6.0 (Dec 29 2022)

Cyberpunk 2077 Build planner

  • Quickhacks.
  • Cyberware mods.
  • Perk shards (when you're over the perk limit for your build, the calculator will automatically add up to 10 perk shards you can find in the game).
  • Sticky toolbar with character level, perk points, and attributes.

Update 2.5.0 (Sep 27 2022)


  • New navigation.
  • Big internal overhaul (major tech-stack upgrade).

Fallout 76 Build planner

  • The new way to display stats with conditions. Stat value is now depicted as a range of possible values. You can click on the stat value to see the detailed breakdown.
  • The loadout bar is redesigned. Each loadout is now represented by SPECIAL attribute values.
  • Perk pool items can be filtered by category.
  • Weapons, Armor, and Power Armor sections are redesigned.
  • Added Robot, Botsmith, and Arctic Marine armor sets.
  • Added Union power armor set.

Cyberpunk 2077 Build planner

  • Perks are updated for version 1.6 of the game.

Fallout 76 Nutrition calculator

  • Is removed (or rather not reimplemented after the tech-stack upgrade).
  • The new calculator is in development now. It'll include all consumables, not just food. The work-in-progress version can be found here.

Fallout 76 Perks DB

  • Automatic categorization based on perk's effect. Replaces the manual categorization.
  • Automatic list of complementary perks based on perk effects. Replaces the manual approach.

Update 2.4.2 (Apr 1 2022)

Cyberpunk 2077 Build Planner major update (part 2)

  • Cyberware

Update 2.4.1 (Mar 1 2022)

  • (Cyberpunk 2077) Clearer indication of the status of crown perks.
  • (Cyberpunk 2077) Various UI improvements. E.g. on-hover feedback, dimmed inactive buttons, etc.
  • (Cyberpunk 2077) Various bug fixes.

Update 2.4.0 (Feb 25 2022)

Cyberpunk 2077 Build Planner major update (part 1)

  • Perks, skill unlocks, and attribute effects updated for the version 1.5 of the game
  • Streamlined navigation
  • New UI for skill unlocks
  • Reworked perk tree previews
  • Redesigned splash UI for attributes and skills
  • Proper mechanics for traits (crown perks)

Update 2.3.0 (Dec 9 2021)

NEW: Fallout 4 Build Planner

  • Interactive perk chart.
  • Ability to add SPECIAL bobbleheads and "You're special!" book bonuses.
  • Leveling calculator.
  • Derived stats calculator.
  • Leveling roadmap.

TES5: Skyrim Build Planner fixes

  • Fixed slight error in level calculation.

Update 2.2.1 (Nov 20 2021)

The Outer Worlds Build Planner update (DLCs support)

  • Max skill level increased to 150.
  • Added virtuoso level (150) skill unlocks.
  • Instead of explicitly selecting the primary skill groups, the planner shows which skill groups can be the primary ones.
  • Breakdown of skill value (base + group - group overhead + individual).
  • Added missing companion perks.
  • More flaws.

Fallout 76 Build Planner fixes

  • Proper calculation of legendary perks cost.
  • Fixed missing derived stats values (Max Hp, Carry Weight, etc.)

Update 2.2.0 (Nov 11 2021)

TES5: Skyrim Build Planner major overhaul

  • New look for perk trees.
  • Perk descriptions and level requirements are always visible.
  • Ability to set health/stamina/magica.
  • Ability to set skill level.
  • Ability to set the build name.
  • Ability to adjust skill level according to perk's requirement.
  • New mobile UI.
  • Ability to remove a perk branch by removing the root perk.
  • Leveling map for each skill.

Update 2.1.3 (Aug 24 2021)

  • (Cyberpunk 2077) Some perk descriptions were updated to be consistent with the 1.3 version of the game. (Workshop, 200% Efficiency, Field Technician, Innovation, Play The Angles, Rattlesnake, Frozen Precision, Defensive Clotting, Slow And Steady, Manic, Momentum Shift, Mongoose, Dead Center, Skeet Shooter, Hit The Deck, Biathlete, Biding Time)
  • (Cyberpunk 2077) Perk card size was adjusted to accommodate large perk descriptions.
  • (Cyberpunk 2077) [fixed] Crafting tree inaccurately grants a perk point at crafting level 18.

Update 2.1.2 (Jul 22 2021)

  • (Fallout 76) Added missing size mods for Combat Armor Legs.
  • (Fallout 76) Added set bonuses to Excavator Power Armor.
  • (Fallout 76) Small UI improvements for the Build Planner.

Update 2.1.1 (Jul 16 2021)

  • (Fallout 76) Better perk points calculation for leveling roadmap.
  • (Fallout 76) Added data for Wood and Trapper armor sets.
  • (Fallout 76) Added strength bonus for power armor frame.
  • (Fallout 76) Show the main stat values in armor (and power armor) mod pools.

Update 2.1.0 (Jul 11 2021)

  • (Fallout 76) New and streamlined leveling roadmap. Hopefully more convenient and less confusing than the previous one.
  • (Fallout 76) Not allow increasing a special when there are no special points left.

Update 2.0.2 (Jul 10 2021)

  • (Fallout 76) The level requirement is now displayed on a perk card itself.

Update 2.0.1 (Jul 8 2021)

  • (Fallout 76) Added some basic information about Legendary perks, Mutations, and Addictions.
  • (Fallout 76) Reimplemented leveling information for Legendary perks.
  • (The Outer Worlds) Added new perks from Peril on Gorgon.
  • (The Outer Worlds) The level cap increased to 36.
  • (Fallout 76) Some fixes for Hellcat power armor.
  • (Fallout 76) Fixed the bug when power armor setup wasn't saved to the page URL.

Update 2.0.0 (Jul 7 2021)

The new engine

In many ways, it is similar to a game engine.

Previously, all of the tools on Nukes & Dragons were created as semi-independent applications. This is fine while you have only a handful of pages, but the more you add the harder it is to maintain. So there is a need for a unifying mechanism to streamline the creation of new tools as well as updating the old ones.

Fallout 76 Planner rewritten from scratch

This is the first tool rewritten on the new engine. Here are some changes:

  • Perk loadouts.
  • Streamlined layout for mutations, legendary perks, and addictions.
  • The sections you choose to leave empty won't be occupying much space anymore.
  • In the "Armor" section you can choose specific armor pieces, as well as their mods and legendary effects.
  • Also, backpack and underarmor.
  • You can configure your power armor setup as well (inc. specific pieces, mods, and legendary effects).
  • New and updated legendary effects.
  • The most commonly used armor sets. The rest will be added soon.
  • Most of Power Armor sets.
  • Leveling roadmap was retired. There will be a replacement.
  • Nuclear Winter section was retired. RIP.
  • The way stats are calculated was changed, but it'll be way more interesting after weapons and consumables will be added.
  • Some things (e.g. perk search) weren't reimplemented yet. Will be added in the next updates.