Ways to support the project

Hello, I'm Alex and I work on the N&D in my spare time, doing everything from concept to design to development to SMM to, well, you get the point. I'm quite happy with this setup, nonetheless, there are ways you can help me make N&D better, bigger and prettier.

1. With donations on Patreon

And as a thank you, your name will be permanently added to the Hall of Fame.

$2 USD
Your name in the Hall of Fame.
(Initiate tier)
also, "Initiate" role on Discord
$5 USD
optional link to your social media account.
(Scribe tier)
also, "Scribe" role on Discord
$10 USD
optional avatar/image.
(Knight tier)
also, "Knight" role on Discord
$20 USD
your name on the N&D home page.
also, "Paladin" role on Discord
Choose your tier on

Note: If you want to support the project but don't want your name to be known (e.g. you are runaway synth or the dark brotherhood member or something), just let me know.

Another note: if you are a new patron your name will appear in the Hall of Fame at the beginning of the next month (due to how Patreon's billing works).

2. Direct donation via PayPal

One time or monthly, any amount, it is completely up to you.

Your name will be added to the list of people who made a one-time donation or, if you choose the monthly option, the reward will be the same as for the closest Patreon tier. If you so desire, of course.

3. Or just spread the word

Show it to your friends, enemies, your favourite streamer, youtuber, and share your glorious builds all around the internet.

Want to know exactly what kind of effort you're supporting?

Take a look at the development roadmap to get a general idea on where N&D is heading.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you everything about the plans. This is why the roadmap has a couple of secret projects. But hey, mysteries are fun right?