Cyberpunk 2077
Character Attributes


Body determines your raw physical power.
In addition to allowing you to force open doors, each level of Body (starting from level 3) will:

  • Add 5 Health Points
  • Add 3 Stamina Points
  • Increase damage with fists and Gorilla Arms by 3
  • Increase damage with melee weapons by 1.5%
  • Decrease movement penalty while grabbing an enemy and wielding an HMG or Defender by 6%
  • Increase movement while grappling an enemy and enemy grapple duration by 5 sec
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Reflexes determine your maneuverability.
In addition to increasing your overall movement speed, each level in Reflexes will:

  • Increase Crit Chance by 0.25%
  • Increase damage from Mantis Blades and Monowire by 3.
  • Increase Mitigation Chance by 0.75%
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Intelligence determines your netrunning proficiency.
Every level of intelligence will:

  • Increase cyberdeck RAM capacity by 4%
  • Increase quickhack damage by 10%
  • Increase quickhack duration by 1%
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Technical Ability

Technical Ability represents your technical know-how.
It allows you to unlock doors and use Tech weapons.
Each increase in level will increase your Armor by 1%.

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Cool determines your resilience, composure and effectiveness in operating from stealth.
Each level of Cool will:

  • Increase Crit Damage by 2%
  • Increase all Resistances by 1%
  • Increase stealth damage by 10%
  • Reduce the speed at which enemies detect you in stealth by 0.5%
  • Increase monowire damage by 3
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